dj Lint

Lint & Format HTML Templates

Once upon a time all the other programming languages had a formatter and linter. Css, javascript, python, the c suite, typescript, ruby, php, go, swift, and you know the others. The cool kids on the block.
HTML templates were left out there on their own, in the cold, unformatted and unlinted :( The dirty corner in your repository. Something had to change.
Welcome djLint, the free cleaning service for html templates!
And the html templates lived happily ever after.

find your favorite template language!

Watch it run!

Show your format!

Add a badge to your projects
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Add a badge to your projects readme.rst:
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Looks like this:


Contributions are welcome. Send a pr with a new feature, or checkout the issue list and help where you can.

# install poetry
curl -sSL | python3 -

# install project deps
poetry install

# run tests
poetry run pytest tests
# or
poetry run tox -e test-fast
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